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BTS (방탄소년단) 7-Second Interview
BTS (방탄소년단) Sing 'Dynamite' with me
[TinyTAN l ANIMATION] - Magic Door
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Jiyeon Kim
Jiyeon Kim 4 часа назад
헉 남준이 덩치봐 ㄷㄷ 상남자 다됐네 매력있어 ㄷㄷㄷ
Priyanshi Patel
Priyanshi Patel 4 часа назад
He looks so ethereal here💜😳
BTS ARMY 4 часа назад
Love you love you love you you made me addicted to your love you made me obsessed with your charming beauty Koooooookyyyyy jungkookie oppa 😭😭😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰
moonflower 4 часа назад
golden koo
Shubhi Chaturvedi
Shubhi Chaturvedi 4 часа назад
Yeah our kings our shining everywhere..!!🤩🤩🥺😭🤗 Dynananae.. Light it up like DYNAMITE...!! Ladies and gentlemen we got the Grammy so you should keep your eyes on the ball..!!😌😌👍🏻👍🏻 Purple you BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Take care and get well soon Yoongi Hyung..!! ARMY is waiting for you😭😭🥺🥺🥺😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Bipasha Das
Bipasha Das 4 часа назад
Aahhh Jin's adorable voice and vocals...
Hector Castellanos
Hector Castellanos 4 часа назад
What the ffff is this
코코나 4 часа назад
素敵なパフォーマンスありがとうございました💜 テレビの前でBTSが出るまでじっと待機してました😊❕ユンギ早く元気になりますように😌🙏💫
luqfan hafiey
luqfan hafiey 4 часа назад
and you search in Google maps and type kampung Sri sepakat
btsbcbs 4 часа назад
love yourself
love yourself 4 часа назад
am i the only one blushing when the members make eye contact....
Rozhgar Najmadin
Rozhgar Najmadin 4 часа назад
LOVE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nrs Mch
Nrs Mch 4 часа назад
Is this the AAA performance?
Jay kay
Jay kay 4 часа назад
Jungkook ur voice 😻💜😚
Raghad .R
Raghad .R 4 часа назад
I’m so lovely, thank you bts , I purple you , go ahead
Sri Guru
Sri Guru 4 часа назад
Why have I not seen this namjoon before nd is it wrong that I want to eat his hair?
Ace TaeLisa
Ace TaeLisa 4 часа назад
oh tae
fajar supadmi
fajar supadmi 4 часа назад
la suga masih sakit ya 😭😭
ARMY&BTS Forever
ARMY&BTS Forever 4 часа назад
"are you the first korean grammy nominated artists?" bts: "and if i am?"
Then Teh
Then Teh 4 часа назад
here babyJungkook so cute n handsome ♥ ♥
luqfan hafiey
luqfan hafiey 4 часа назад
bts can you come Malaysia
نيولاف newlav2
نيولاف newlav2 4 часа назад
xue yang
xue yang 4 часа назад
aaahhh I'm soo excited <33
Hector Castellanos
Hector Castellanos 4 часа назад
Aqsa Khan
Aqsa Khan 4 часа назад
Love u BTS💙💜💛
Niyaza Niya
Niyaza Niya 4 часа назад
Trisha 4 часа назад
From the starting of the video I was feeling that something is missing and when Yoongi's part came I realized that our lil meow meow is missing
Mino Bts
Mino Bts 4 часа назад
슈가는 당신과 함께하지 않지만 그들의 노래 단락에 대한 보상을하셨습니다. 우리가 그를 그리워서 회복되기를 바랍니다. 알제리 던지기
Arianne Angeles
Arianne Angeles 4 часа назад
oh they're the people who got nominated for GRAMMY awards Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.
dieehraj M
dieehraj M 4 часа назад
واااوووو جيمين جونكوكككك بتسسسسسس تاي نامجون جيهوب جين شوقاااا
dieehraj M
dieehraj M 4 часа назад
Michaela Jamora
Michaela Jamora 4 часа назад
your very handsome my jhope..ilove u FOREVER..💜💜💜💜
otaku-girl ْ
otaku-girl ْ 4 часа назад
Ilove you Tay 😭😭😭😭😭 my name is Esso
Amit Padvi
Amit Padvi 4 часа назад
I want to see your solo and group old mv's can you tell me their RUrun channel please
Chachi Del Rosario
Chachi Del Rosario 4 часа назад
RM: They're literal angels ARMYs: Nah all of you are
Abigael Nipales
Abigael Nipales 4 часа назад
Oh my gosh 💜 my 7 ANPANMAN
neclaa jsnsndhdn
neclaa jsnsndhdn 4 часа назад
V: Happiness Huhuu red velvet happiness:)
kayleenm 4 часа назад
7:33 tap if you want to lose your soul
maxine colby
maxine colby 4 часа назад
I am not getting anything from this interview ahahaha😚😂😂😚😂😚
Rita khatun
Rita khatun 4 часа назад
Bts I love you
bts x army ARMY
bts x army ARMY 4 часа назад
😭😭😭😭😭😭 i miss lil meow meow 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Angel Dinesh
Angel Dinesh 4 часа назад
Rutuja Khankal
Rutuja Khankal 4 часа назад
If comfort was a person, it is surely KIM NAMJOON💜💜💜
Suhyun Park
Suhyun Park 4 часа назад
태형이 빨간옷 잘어울린다
이창익 4 часа назад
bgm이 원래 저렇게 소리가 낮게 흐르는게 정상임?
JJ M 4 часа назад
Get well soon Yoongi ❤️ I miss you
Jin's Holly water
Jin's Holly water 4 часа назад
Ha Ly Ha
Ha Ly Ha 4 часа назад
아주하 4 часа назад
C13 Ashmit Gupta
C13 Ashmit Gupta 4 часа назад
The performance felt a little empty......miss you Yoongi😔.......get well soon🤗
Nur Israwani
Nur Israwani 4 часа назад
Luv u gyuss💜💜
noura mahad
noura mahad 4 часа назад
Everyday i come here to listen pretty voice my bias jiminshi 🥰🥰❤
Soul;; Army
Soul;; Army 4 часа назад
_RUrun, me quieres hacer Llorar?..._ 😢🔫
maxine colby
maxine colby 4 часа назад
3.1m views in 15hrs. 867k likes and 37k comments !!😚😂😚😂
Nazik azzadin
Nazik azzadin 4 часа назад
suga we love you 💜💜💜
bts bbyong
bts bbyong 4 часа назад
Ya tuhan gak berhenti nonton interview ini, Jimin nya cantik banget & put me at ease... Gesturnya Jimin itu subtle & gentle huhu Jiminn
layan beauty Tawalbeh
layan beauty Tawalbeh 4 часа назад
i miss you suga 💜💜 But come back to us in safety 💜👍🏻
Fernanda Akira
Fernanda Akira 4 часа назад
Ese es la casaca que su mamá le regalo a tae :'v cierto? NOOoOO rre depre me pongo
HY loveJM
HY loveJM 4 часа назад
Jeremiah 3:17
Jeremiah 3:17 4 часа назад
Taehyung"s part of the song is so nostalgic yet so calm and peaceful. Its a mixed of emotions which has a deep and soothing pleasure connected with your feelings.
나빵이 4 часа назад
와 윤기 오빠가 어깨가 아프셔서 쉬고 계시는데 칼각 미쳤고
Sonia Akter
Sonia Akter 4 часа назад
Missing Suga oppa😭
Pajiono Ismail
Pajiono Ismail 4 часа назад
I like vidios
Nəsib İbadlı
Nəsib İbadlı 4 часа назад
태형 사랑 해요 AZERBAIJANI 팬이고 당신과 방탄 소년단을 정말 사랑 해요.🥰🥰🥰🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
maxine colby
maxine colby 4 часа назад
Taehyung looks like a poor kid here why that outfit.?! He is thin !!😚😀 just saying hahahaah
Jean Tejano
Jean Tejano 4 часа назад
Congratulations Bts
Afroja Ajbin
Afroja Ajbin 4 часа назад
이효빈 4 часа назад
윤기옵ㅠㅠㅠ 맴버1명 빠졌다고 왜케 허전하냐ㅠㅠㅠ
jenseon jeon
jenseon jeon 4 часа назад
bts cok kötü
Raira putri
Raira putri 4 часа назад
Handsome handsome really crazy !!
Nur syahadah Aisyah
Nur syahadah Aisyah 4 часа назад
so cute
11manjiri k7a
11manjiri k7a 4 часа назад
Old armies :- like New armies:- comment
Nowshin Aktar
Nowshin Aktar 4 часа назад
Miss you suga🥺
ITz YouNick
ITz YouNick 4 часа назад
Yee Yee Nwe
Yee Yee Nwe 4 часа назад
Ashka Chauhan
Ashka Chauhan 4 часа назад
V choreographing "life goes on" and alram goes on.. @3:25 His expression..soo cute
Professional Sniper قناص العراق
Professional Sniper قناص العراق 4 часа назад
Our boys on Fire
Bangtan girl
Bangtan girl 4 часа назад
Ahhh bts stole my heart 🥺🥺💜💜
HY loveJM
HY loveJM 4 часа назад
Beautiful jimin
maxine colby
maxine colby 4 часа назад
Jimin looks classy here ...like a rich kid !!😂😚😂😚😂
Джерен Кепбанова
Джерен Кепбанова 4 часа назад
А я думаю не хватает кого то... Сахарок наш выздоравливай скорее